Hair Transformation: Shoulder Length Curly Hair to Short Tapered Curly Afro (TWA)

For a while I have been considering a hair transformation. I have thick kinky curly hair. My hair thinned out, from experimenting with different “natural hair” products that were suggested by many well-known Natural/Curly Hair YouTubers and Bloggers.

After two years of following the advice of others, I realized that I needed to do what worked for me. I needed to find products that my hair liked and hairstyles that were best for me. By the time I had this revelation, my hair had thinned out and had become extremely tangled, dry, brittle and rebellious from using gel and other products with protein. My hair chemistry was no longer the same; my hair went from low porosity to high porosity in the matter of two years. I tried changing up my shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioners but my hair just would not behave.

About a week ago, I decided that I would rather have healthy short hair than unhealthy stringy long hair. As much as I complained about how long it took me to do my hair before and how much hair I had, I admit I miss my thick luscious locks. So, I decided to cut my hair to start fresh. I decided to cut my hair in a unique style because if I am going to cut my hair why not rock a cute, fun short style? I cut my hair into a tapered curly afro.  Yes, I cut my own hair into a style that I envisioned and here is the outcome: y

Let me tell you, my first wash was AMAZING! My hair detangled easily, it was well moisturized and instantly I could tell that my hair needed this change. I am so happy I decided to start afresh and get rid of the damaged hair. I love my haircut (My husband loves it too) and I am looking forward to my hair growing out.

If you have damaged, dry brittle hair do not be afraid to cut it into a style. You never know cutting your hair could be the best decision for your hair.


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