Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid Review: Is it Worth Buying?

I stumbled upon the Seventh Generation Dish Liquid at Target. Target strategically placed this product at the end of the cleaning aisle facing the walkway. So, on my way to the Beauty Aisle for natural shampoo, I immediately noticed the product and the price ($2.97). I grabbed it without hesitation.

seventh generation dish liquid review 1


seventh generation dish liquid review 3

Most dish liquids irritate my skin. Now I wear gloves to wash dishes, but I have noticed that some dish detergents cause my gloves to fade in color after only a few days. This is a clear sign that many dish liquids are too harsh.

I had been thinking about buying natural dish liquid for a while. I finally purchased my first one. The Seventh Generation Dish Liquid is primarily plant derived. The company claims that this formula is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, phosphate free, and gluten-free.seventh generation dish liquid review 4

There are two ingredients that I am not sure about: Benzisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone. The company has listed them as synthetic preservatives. According to, Benzisothiazolinone is classified as a skin, eyes, or lungs irritant. Methylisothiazolinone is known as a human immune toxicant/allergen and a skin, eyes, or lungs irritant. Therefore, there are only two questionable ingredients in this formula that claims to be non-toxic.

So, what are my thoughts:


  • A little goes a long way and the product lathers really well- You only need a small amount of dish liquid on you dish cloth or sponge. It will lather quickly even with a small amount. This product can last for well over two months, even for those who wash dishes several times a day.


  • Clear– I like clear formulas because it is free of unnecessary dyes.


  • Ingredients- Most of the ingredients are plant derived.


  • Scent Free (fragrance free)– The formula is free of any unnecessary fragrances that are often derived from unknown sources. (If you prefer a scented detergent you can add your own fragrance i.e. lavender.)


  • Great value- $2.57. The product is inexpensive and is priced around the same as other dish liquids. 

This product gets the job done.


The Company claims that the formula is non-toxic, yet there are two ingredients (preservatives) that are known as mild toxicants.

Overall, you can not beat the price. I like the fact that most of the ingredients are plant derived. If you do not mind the synthetic preservatives, give this a try.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10


This review is NOT sponsored. Product was purchased using my own coins. 




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