Meditation: The Dangers of Clearing Your Mind

Meditation has been around for centuries, but today meditation is becoming a “popular trend”. People are not aware of what meditation is, they are just following the advice of a “guru” they have trusted. There are numerous videos, books, articles on meditation and how to meditate. Many are teaching the “art of emptiness”. There are many different teachings on emptying one’s mind as a form of meditation. Clear your mind. Clear your conscience. I personally believe we should not attempt to “empty” our minds but rather focus our minds on something in particular. Such as positive thoughts, a scripture, a quote, a goal, thankfulness, gratitude, etc.

What is wrong with emptying or clearing our minds? Well, on the surface nothing seems to be wrong with it. But, spiritually and mentally there is.

Here are Two dangers of clearing or emptying our minds:

1. Our Minds can become a battle ground

While trying to empty the mind, we will soon realize that it is a difficult task. We may become frustrated and this could lead to thoughts about our failure. These thoughts will then become counterproductive and we will never be stable.

2. Our Minds are open to being attacked

When we clear our minds we open the door to being attacked mentally and spiritually.

Mentally: Once the mind is empty it has become accustomed to no thoughts. No more negative thoughts. This is great, right? Not really, because we also have no positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts are our defense. Our guard is now gone. We are susceptible to any thoughts. It is like an empty room cleaned but dust will soon form, spider webs will appear, bugs may creep in and even rodents. Yes, the room (mind) is empty but that does not mean unwanted things are uninvited. We have to tend to the room and keep out unwanted guests (thoughts). Positive thoughts keep them out.

Spiritually: If we empty our minds we are open to being attacked by spirits. Some may disagree, but if you lack a good spirit, The Holy Spirit and you have not been dwelling on the things of the Holy Spirit you are vulnerable. Emptying your mind is the last thing you want to do, this is an open invitation to evil spirits.

Yahushua (Jesus) said, “The unclean spirit, when he is gone out of the man, passes through waterless places, seeking rest, and finds it not. Then he says, I will return to my house whence I came out; and when he is come, he found it empty, swept, and garnished. Then he went and found himself seven other spirits more evil than himself, and they entered in and dwelt there: and the last state of the that man became worst than the first.” Matthew 12:43-45.

When you empty your mind you have no defense. You have nothing to protect you; you may feel great at first. I am sure the guy in this parable felt great after the unclean spirit left him, but he did nothing to protect himself afterwards. Sure it feels great to be free of negative thoughts but what do you have to protect yourself after you clear and empty yourself and your mind?

We have to fill our minds with good, positive things, things of the Holy Spirit. When our minds are filled with these sort of things, there is no room for the negativity, the enemy or any unclean (evil) spirits.

I pray you found this to be helpful and that you not fall for the teachings of emptiness.


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