Giving Up Easily

One morning I received an immediate revelation upon waking up. This revelation was so strong, that I sensed my mouth utter the words, “I can not do this anymore.” In the past, I would often, almost always, give up easily. Whether it was opportunities presented to me or oppositions I encountered, I would run away rather than face it. There were times I would not even give certain opportunities a chance. There were other times I would, but I would eventually give up.

If I give up so easily, why would I be entrusted with greater? If I want to live out my purpose and complete each assignment God has given me; I must be able to not easily give up or be distracted. Whether it is a good opportunity or opposition, we have to learn to not be distracted. What do I mean when I say, a “good” opportunity? There are times when “good” opportunities are presented to us, but they may not be the RIGHT opportunities for us. Sometimes “good” opportunities can be a major distraction. There are times when we will say YES to a “good” opportunity but NO to the RIGHT opportunity. Some us avoid RIGHT opportunities because they are tougher, harder and there is much more resistance or opposition that we may encounter. Whereas the “good” opportunities may be much easier to handle and have little to no resistance, yet it will barely contribute to our growth. We have to learn to discern a good opportunity and the right opportunity. One can be a distraction whereas the other can be our training grounds.

We can not give up so easily. If we do, we can not expect to go any further in our lives (growth), if we can not handle the tasks or adversity that we encounter now. One can not expect to become a millionaire if they can not properly handle their finances now. Just as one can not expect to be promoted, if they can not handle the position they are in now. We have to learn to face failure, opposition, our fears, intimidation, closed doors, and No’s. These very things contribute to our growth.

Another thing I would like to mention is that we all should get to a point where we do not feel the need to explain ourselves to anyone. Many of us give up because we do not have an explanation for others as to why we are doing certain things. We do not have to explain ourselves. Sometimes it is good to just keep certain things to ourselves, whether it is to open a business, move to another state, leave a job, etc.

This revelation taught me that if I want to accomplish all my dreams, my vision, my goals I must conquer the things I am fearful of. I must confidently take on the right opportunities and endure. I must not run from any opposition.  Each of us must be prepared, our characters and minds shaped in order to take on the greater tasks.

We will never get to the top of the mountain if we can not get past the first step.

I want to encourage each of you to not be distracted; to not allow yourself to give up on yourself. Rather, to allow yourself to face the very things that are stepping-stones to fulfill your purpose. If we allow these things to continue to hinder us we may never live out our fullest potential.



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