Dimming Your Light

“Do not dim your light to make others feel more comfortable”

Some people have adjusted so much to darkness, misery, and pain that anything of light they dislike. When light shows up darkness has to leave. Many are threatened by your light.

Whenever we turn on a light in a room, darkness immediately disappears. Light exposes darkness, challenges it and causes it to leave. Some do not like your light because it exposes their darkness, it exposes their condition, their unhappiness, their lack of freedom. Rather than be inspired by your light, some would rather drown in misery and pain.

Our lights can eventually break through the dark hearts of others, those who have allowed hurt to prevent them from loving and from being happy. Therefore, do not dim your light. We should shine our lights, to give others hope, to bring others joy; our smiles, our kindness, even small simple gestures can impact another person’s life in ways we could never imagine.

Light has so much power to change situations; light has the ability to help others see clearly to find their way, it can provide clarity to others so that they can change their ways and their lives.

I would like to also encourage you to not apologize for your gifts but rather share them. We should not shrink and hide because others may feel a certain way or uncomfortable.

I stopped sharing my gifts for a while because I did not want others to feel uncomfortable. I tried to belittle and diminish my gifts and my light because I did not want anyone to dislike me or think that I thought I was better than them (Which is ridiculous).

I was often intimidated by those who had more experience than I did. Many times I was chosen over them. I could intuitively feel how they felt about me being chosen and I wanted to avoid any drama and be at peace with everyone so I would purposely shrink and diminish who I was. I would pretend as if I was not as good as I really was and I would downplay my intelligence, wisdom, gifts, and talents.

The things we do to make others feel comfortable. We adjust our lights for others, this ought not to be. We should not adjust or dim our lights for anyone, we should rather shine brightly.

It may be tough to shine your light because you want everyone around you to be comfortable but truth be told light is not always comfortable. Try turning on the lights in the middle of the night, it will take your eyes some time to adjust to that light. The light does not say, “Oh I apologize let me turn myself off for you.” No, the light keeps shining. Therefore, we too should continue shining brightly, it may cause others to feel uncomfortable at first but eventually some will come around and ADJUST to the light.

Continue shining brightly!



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