Living In Denial, Lying to Yourself.

Most of us lie to ourselves daily. From procrastination to what I like to call “guilty humility”. This is when we exude false humility and selflessness because we feel guilty about ever considering ourselves, our needs our wants. I personally had to confess that I had been lying to myself and that I had been in denial. I wanted to please God so much and serve others that I neglected my myself. When I posted videos, articles, pictures, and etc I would say,

“Well if no one views it is fine.

LIES! What sense does that make? No one posts anything just for the sake of posting. We do not expect no views no response, if so, then why post? We all expect a response, we expect it to reach someone. I was in denial so much that I really convinced myself that I did not want or need many views because that is not my intentions I did it all for God. LIES, as humans we want to know someone sees us. We want to know that we are visible that our voice is heard, to know that someone cares.

When I post, it honestly helps me see how much I have grown as an individual and it encourages me; and if my posts encourages me how dare I think it is not worth reaching and encouraging others, or worthy enough to instill hope in someone else.

Truth be to told, no, I do not post in vain or for vanity sake, just to get likes. Now that, that is out the way. I do, however, post because I want to encourage, inspire and uplift others to let them know that they are visible, that someone does care about them; that they are worthy of winning, worthy of success and prosperity.

Do not be in denial and lie to yourself. Each of us know our heart’s intentions and so does The Most High. If your intentions are pure ,do not allow yourself to be lied to and believe that shining your light and sharing your gifts is bad. Empower others! Do not be afraid to use your face, your voice, your gifts because in doing so others lives may be impacted greatly and you may give them hope to do the same; to shine their lights and give others hope.





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