You Are Worthy!

Have you ever prevented yourself from being happy? Have you ever turned down an opportunity because you felt unqualified or unworthy to take it on? Have you ever sacrificed your own needs and desires, for others, because you believed the lie that doing for yourself is a form of selfishness?

If you can relate to any of this, this may seem cheesy but, I want you to take in a deep breath! (Seriously, take a deep breath. Be present and inhale slowly!) Once you have released your deep breath, confess with your lips, “I AM WORTHY!”

Confessions and affirmations are so great for our souls. Our words have tremendous power. Yes, you are worthy. The lies that have been ingrained in each of us is astonishing. Who has the right to tell anyone that they are unworthy.

Many of us have rejected our blessings because we felt that whatever blessings came our way was too good for us to receive. Many times I have felt that surely someone else deserves it more than I do. Whenever I did choose to receive a tangible gift, I would immediately give it away to bless someone else. I forgot all about myself.

There were many times in the past, I felt guilty to even receive from others. I would talk others out of blessing me. I felt guilty to even look and dress nicely I would purposely put little to no effort in how I looked to avoid any attention. I did not want anyone to see me, I did not think I was worthy of receiving any compliments, to wear any nice clothing, to treat myself to anything. My perspective was “jacked up”; my perspective was tainted.

You are worthy! You are worthy of being visible, to be seen, to be heard, to receive love, to be blessed. You are worthy of happiness! Yes, YOU ARE!

Whenever you feel unworthiness creeping in, declare out loud, “I AM WORTHY”! Because, you are!



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